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  • I have been going here since January and have only had great experiences. Alexis is the first to greet you in the front with a wonderful smile and enthusiasm. Dr. Milner and Dr. Meyer are exceptional chiropractors and they coach you through your healing process. Most chiropractors I have seen in the past will listen to you describe your pain/location then sort of guess where to adjust. Drs. Milner/Meyer are not like most chiropractors, they study your alignment in detail via x-ray and utilize de

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  • A team that exceeds 5☆ Attention and professionalism in every way 👍

    - Cory
  • I had a car accident, which left me with several vertebrae of the spine compromised, I was lucky to meet you, thank you for everything… what to say about the whole team, you came like angels in a difficult time… You are super professionals trained , who did a great job in my case , I am still recovering . I recommend it, because when we are sensitive and in pain the best thing is to find a place where the whole team works together to improve your day, relieve the pain and still encourage you

    Show More - Laurielly S.
  • First class people. First class doctors and top of the line equipment and techniques. They are great at every aspect but my favorite is how they explain all the ins and outs. Thanka for helping feeel between than I thought I could.

    - James H.
  • Great office and staff, very professional and most importantly with covid-19... CLEAN!

    - Rayhanne B.
  • Brand new facility with excellent chiropractic care and customer service!

    - Alexis G.
  • Staff is very friendly and they really helped me feel so much better!

    - Janelys G.
  • Very good attention and service, an organized and very clean place, with excellent professionals who you trust! I recommend them 100%

    - Rhonna G.
  • The staff is super friendly and the service is great!! would highly recommend

    - Kiara
  • Great staff and great service. Highly recommend if you are looking to get yourself and back realigned.

    - Dwayne S.
  • Greatly pleased with the service and staff. Thank you Margate Chiropractic!

    - Devon
  • I do appreciate the wonderful service from Dr. Jayson and staff. They are helping me to get my back on my feet literally!!

    - Nyron B.
  • Awesome office! The doctors and staff are amazing to work with!

    - Carolyn
  • Omg I love Dr Meir and miss alexis they are the best.❤❤

    - Esther L.
  • Dr. Milner is THE BEST, super effective and communicative, great staff as well, I would not go anywhere else. Highly recommend !

    - Lisandra I.
  • Everyone is so nice and welcoming. They provide free coffee that is great and the environment is so bright and friendly.

    - Angel
  • I'm here because I was in a car accident and I'm loving my results, as are the girls who work here. super recommend!

    - Nayara B.
  • Awesome staff and office! Dr. Meir is amazing and I will be visiting everytime I can!

    - Cynthia R.
  • My experience with Dr.Meir and her staff has been wonderful !They have been courteous and very helpful ! The staff they are very friendly special for Alexis!!!

    - Mauricio T.
  • Dr Jayson is a passionate and dedicated chiropractor. Whenever I'm in Florida, I always get adjusted by Jayson. Highly recommended.

    - Anthony L.
  • This place is so clean and organized Dr. Milner and Dr. Meir are excellent Chiropractors all staff is nice and professional They took a good time to explained me the treatment and after a few weeks later after the car accident I'm feeling so much better I highly recommend

    - Nelson V.
  • By far the best place to go when you’re injured! Not only do they give you the best care from the best drs, they have the nicest people working there I’ve ever met! 10/10 would recommend!

    - Brooke G.
  • Doctors are outstanding and office manager Alexis is very pleasant and helpful. Definitely recommend this place if your hurting and need treatment. Awesome atmosphere clean and extremely organized thank you guys 😊

    - Jorge V.
  • Amazing experience, staff is great and personable. Well deserving of a 5 star rating.

    - Antonio W.
  • Was in a car accident few weeks ago and was referred by a friend to go see Jason at Margate Chiropractor Health ...I was very impressed with everyone’s professionalism also their explanations of everything. There’s lots of positive energy around which made me feel very comfortable and confident that I am in good hands....can't forget Alexis, she was amazing! just one thing dont talk bad about her Seminole....🤣....LET'S GO "NOLE!!

    Show More - Dwight M.
  • I love the service here! The staff is very friendly and always make sure I am taken care of. The Dr. is very attentive and makes sure all of my needs are addressed. 10/10 would recommend this office for anyone in need for care.

    - Ilyana E.
  • I recommend this office because you not only receive your adjustment and rehabilitation therapy in a professional way. if not that its staff is friendly and the attention is unique. 100% recommended.

    - Ivany H.
  • I was suffering from a lot of pain and discomfort in my right shoulder, hip and lower back. I was recommended to see Dr. Milner and it was life-changing. I am able to stretch, sleep the whole night, bend and play with my granddaughter. Dr Milner takes his time and explains what the problem is and knows the anatomy so well that he is he able to alleviate the pain and make it go away!!! I love sitting and having a coffee with Dr Milner, feels like family. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants

    Show More - Esther R.
  • Dr. Milner is such a pro. I was having a real hard time sleeping and after I was adjusted I've been sleeping like a baby. Reception staff is very pleasant and amenities are very nice and welcoming. Would definitely recommend!

    - Camila G.
  • Dr. Milner is an excellent chiropractor! Great new offices and his support team are always very kind and helpful. Definitely recommend if you have neck or back pain!

    - Steffen C.
  • While in the Northwest Medical Center I stopped in Margate Chiropractic Health Center inquiring treatment for my Sciatic nerve damage. I was introduced to the staff and Dr Meir. I was pleased with the concern Dr Meir and his staff showed and the plan of treatment needed in my case.

    - William B.
  • Everyone here at Margate Chiropractor is so helpful and energetic and professional. I love it here I’m always looking forwarded to getting my adjustments ! :-)

    - Johnny D.
  • Wonderful staff very friendly and helpful. Dr. Meir Cioraru has been taking care of me for some ailments i have been dealing with and he has made this experience very pleasant. Will definitely recommend for anyone dealing with any discomfort or pain!

    - Matthew C.
  • I was involved in an MVA and decided to come here for treatment. I love this chiropractic center. The treatment is very helpful and the staff great. Also, the office is very clean. Would highly recommend this place.

    - Sammy F.
  • Best place ever all the staff and Doctors make you feel good. Dr. Milner takes his time with you and explains the process of your treatment great doctor. The staff is just awesome and kind. Very good doctors was seen quickly and everything is extremely clean great atmosphere. Thank you guys your the best I really recommend this place.

    Show More - Ana V.
  • This posting is my second from someone who has never done this to all out there looking for chiropractic help this is the place to go to. Great people clean new office and here to help. for the golfers out there all i can say is wow my game has improved greatly with my body back in alignment no more pain. Thank you

    Show More - Robert S.
  • I'm having Great results with Margate Chiropractic. They have a wonderful staff of employees who care about you and your recovery. Much praise and respect to their entire staff. RESPECT.

    - Terry T.
  • What an amazing experience, I’ve been to a chiropractor years ago but don’t remember. Needless to say, it didn’t impact my life as it has now. I was referred by my cardiologist next door because I was experiencing stiffness and pain each night. Also, knee pain which did not allow me to stay active. After starting my specific chiropractic treatment I am happy to say that I am almost pain free in the duration of 2 months. I’ve brought in my mother who couldn’t walk and is now walking can

    Show More - Maria
  • What a great experience, came here after not seeking treatment for 3 years after a car accident. I realized I had never been adjusted, I was only receiving therapies in the past. Dr. Meir did x-rays of my back and an evaluation from head to toe. They’ve taught me what chiropractic care really is, and my body definitely felt the difference! Don’t make the same mistake I did, after a car accident or slip & fall come see Margate Chiropractic Health Center!!

    Show More - Achanta J.
  • Came here after my car accident, was in a or of pain in my neck, shoulder and low back. Treatment here has been great, the office is clean and staff very professional. Most importantly, I am ABSOLUTELY satisfied with the progress I have had. Highly recommended!

    - Ana V.
  • Came hear because I was involved in car accident, help me make the correct decisions in regarding my health. Very clear in treatment and the greatest doctors who address your issues and concerns. Dr. Cioraru and Dr. Milner are top notch doctors who really took care of me and my health. Alexis is very nice and beautiful and will always follow up with you

    Show More - Vincent M.
  • OMG the best peoples ever! Can't wait to move down here and have them forever! If you don't see him you're out of your mind!

    - Hector L. G.
  • Hands down best Chiropractic office I have ever been to! The whole team, Alexis, Carolyn, Dr. Cioraru and Dr. Miller are all amazing and I highly recommend seeing them if you have any kind of back or hip pain. Not only that, but their treatment even helped relieve some of my gastrointestinal discomfort too! Great office!

    Show More - Justin D.
  • What an amazing experience! As soon as you walk in you are greeted by Alexis with such a warm hearted smile! The office is absolutely beautiful and the cleanliness is top-notch. Dr. Milner and Dr. Meir are incredible chiropractors. Dr. Meir is extremely personable and gives a phenomenal adjustment. You will leave feeling brand new! Schedule your appointment now :-)

    Show More - Monica N.
  • My sister and I have been going to Dr Meir for over a month and our experience has been amazing. Dr. Meir explains the process and adjustments very well and is very open to feedback. His adjustments have helped me overcome severe headache due to my neck being out of form. Alexis is really nice and helped us understand the registration, insurance costs and overall pricing very well. She also keeps amazing collection of chocolates in the waiting area. Claire is new and very welcoming. All in a

    Show More - Sugandha S.
  • Margate Chiropractic is one of the cleanest and most innovative care centers I’ve visited. Although I was new to and a bit skeptical about chiropractic treatment, the doctors and staff have educated me through each step of my treatment. Dr. Mair is a pioneer in the local area with implementing the gonstead technique, Dr. Milner is skilled in adjustments and treatments such as acupuncture, and Dr. Harper is excellent in providing therapies which complement care. Alexis, the office manager, is e

    Show More - Victoria Perez-Ortiz
  • I’ve been going here for a few weeks now and every time I have been welcomed with open arms. The employees are very good at their jobs and it’s plain to see. The doctor is excellent. He is the best.

    - Happy Day
  • I am thoroughly pleased with the service I’ve received in this office thus far. Alexis is very pleasant and personable, from the moment I made the appointment to my actual visit. The office is clean and welcoming, the equipment is up to date and the staff is amazing. My doctor, Dr. Meir, made sense of the pain I was experiencing and created a specific plan for me to follow to get better. I’ve already made great progress in just the couple of weeks since seeing him; from pain that I’ve bee

    Show More - Esther E.
  • The treatment of the staff was excellent. I learned about stuff I didn't know and they made me feel comfortable. I feel 100% better after my treatment. I would most definitely recommend anyone here. I had a great experience.

    - Earle C.
  • Carolyn, Alexis & Doctor Meir Cioraru are the best chiropractic team I have dealt with. I was injured and have experienced a ton of relief from adjustments, stem/heat & laser treatment! They have positive helpful energy, this combined with their treatment philosophy is second to none! I will recommend my friends and family!

    Show More - Terrence P.
  • I've been looking for an effective and not stressful treatment as someone who has been skeptical of chiropractors in the past and moved to Miami from LA -- and I found it here!! My neck and wrists are for the first time better. The office is beautiful and so clean. Alexis at the front desk is extremely professional and always on top of things. And Dr. Meir is so proficient and knowledgeable. His adjustments are precise and quite effective. It's amazing to meet someone so passionate and good a

    Show More - Alex R.
  • Margate Chiropractic Health Center has been literally life changing for me! I went in barely able to walk with an array of issues from vertigo, lower back pain, migraines, fluid in the ears, etc. In just a two month span I have seen a vast improvement in my overall health. No more migraines, vertigo, or lower back pain! Dr. Meir Cioraru is amazing! He is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and personable. And the ladies in the office (Alexis & Carolyn) are always going above and beyond and always v

    Show More - Christen H.
  • In 2020, I developed a debilitating condition and because I was not willing to go into a doctor's office, my care was managed remotely by a specialist and I was put on a medication for over a year. Margate was recommended to me as a second opinion. Drs. Jay & Meir ordered Xrays and MRI's and immediately discovered I had been misdiagnosed. After just my second visit, the bulk of my symptoms were gone. I came in for visits twice a week for several months and so I also got to know their amazing sta

    Show More - Mike T.
  • Margate Chiropractic has helped me in a few ways with the adjustments from Dr. Cioraru. His ongoing adjustments are helping me with my overall pain… but what really helped was the neck and ear adjustments. Yes you heard me, EAR adjustment. Starting therapy with vertigo / motion sickness flare ups was rough. I got some adjustments from Dr. Cioraru to help ease the vertigo, but since I’ve been coming here and getting treated, I have not gotten a flare up. Who knew that this could be treated wi

    Show More - Shaaz A.
  • Got recommended here after car accident and the Staff is AWSOME, super friendly, flexible times, pay attention to every detail and effectively execute your needs as a patient. Just all around great chiropractor! Would definitely recommend, love the entire team over here!

    - Brent H.
  • Came here after my car accident and I am on the road to recovery!!! The office treats you like family CONSISTENTLY! It’s the best environment for mental and physical healing! Such an amazing company. I look forward to coming here in the week! You guys are the best!!!!

    - Adrian A.
  • Blanca and Cesar Today was my first visit to Margate Chiropractic Health Center from the moment you open the door and go inside their offices you feel well received, the professionalism of their staff and their attention are excellent now the relationship Doctor Patient is Very professional Dr. Meir Cioraru reviews your situation in detail without missing the smallest detail in order to give you the most appropriate treatment for your needs. This was the impression that we experienced on ou

    Show More - livanfer
  • I've had the best experience here ever. I've learned so much about my body, mind and nervous system. The doctors and staff are understanding, and actually care. The level of honesty is amazing. Their passion for medical care is one of a kind. I have been to many doctors over the months and they're by far the best. I highly recommend them to anyone that is in search of chiropractic care.

    Show More - Justice L.
  • My experience at Margate Chiropractic Health Center was amazing. From the moment I walked in they welcomed me with open arms. These are the people that you can confide in and you know they'll have your back. It's a lot to say for a chiropractor's office I know but they stand in it so beautifully I have to give them the honors. Not only did they provide me with the best chiropractic help they also allowed me to confide in them while I went through a tough time. This office is nothing short of

    Show More - Guerina D.
  • My family and I love Margate Chiropractic Health Center! We've been going there for a few months now and wouldn't go anywhere else for our chiropractic care. It's a very nice office and we always feel so welcome there! The front office staff, Alexis and Carolyn, are so friendly and helpful. Dr. Meir is extremely knowledgable & passionate about what he does. He is very personable and always makes you feel comfortable and at ease. My kids love Dr. Meir and look forward to going for their adjustmen

    Show More - Erin G.
  • I highly recommend this chiropractic office. The whole team is truly amazing! I mean AMAZING! From the minute you arrive, the positive atmosphere is felt. Alexis and Carolyn are super welcoming. Tami is a true 💎 Gem. She made me feel so comfortable and is so helpful. DR. Meir is so knowledgeable and will really take his time to pinpoint every need, he is gentle and overall very professional. The owner of this office is also very nice and has the best staff. They are bilingual as well.

    Show More - Jessie G.
  • This office just opened next door to my business, and I love it. I come here for adjustments and they leave me feeling like I'm in my 20's again! You really have no idea how bad posture adds up over time until you get adjusted and can feel the difference in all of your joints, muscles, and bones. If you are looking for a good chiropractor with a great staff I definitely recommend MCHC.

    Show More - Alexander A.
  • Dr. Milner is such a pro. I was having a real hard time sleeping and after I was adjusted I've been sleeping like a baby. Reception staff is very pleasant and amenities are very nice and welcoming. Would definitely recommend!

    - Camilla G.
  • Very compassionate and caring about their patients. Wonderful with scheduling. Warm atmosphere with equally warm staff. It sucks I have an injury, but grateful to be treated by them!

    - Mark D.

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